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Recovery After a Car Accident

Sustaining injuries from a car accident can cause physical and emotional pain. It can also cause devastating financial loss. If you were injured in a car accident, you might have taken an ambulance to the emergency room. You may also need ongoing medical care, surgery, and physical therapy. Of course, there will also be additional visits to the doctor's offices, hospitals, and therapists. Every visit, every test, every x-ray, and scan leads to another mounting medical bill. If the medical bills are piling up from an accident that wasn't your fault, the law gives you the right to ask for the compensation you deserve.

If the vehicle you were driving was damaged or maybe even totaled, you’ll need to spend money for a rental car, repairs, or a new car. You may have to miss work or stop working for some time following the car accident. I understand your bills still need to be paid even though you’ve been in an accident. Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss your case and how I can use legal remedies to pursue the compensation you deserve after an accident.

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Aldous Strauch

Aldous Strauch

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I have been a practicing attorney in Texas since 1993, and I practice before both State and Federal Courts in our state. For decades, I have proudly served the San Antonio, Texas, community as a litigator in criminal defense and personal injury matters. If you have been accused of a crime or sustained injuries in a situation that wasn’t your fault, you have certain rights and remedies. Having an attorney by your side is essential to protect your rights.
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Construction Accidents

When you're working on a construction site or with a contractor, you deserve to be safe. I can help you hold the responsible party accountable if you've sustained injuries while
on the clock.


If another party's carelessness caused you to sustain injuries, they may be considered negligent. You can seek compensation for damages whether you were harmed by a person, company, or even a product. Contact me to start building your negligence case.

Slip & Fall

If you were involved in a slip-and-fall accident, you might be entitled to compensation. A dedicated attorney can help you pursue the funds to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related damages. To get started, request a free consultation with me.


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When a serious injury derails your life, you need an attorney that you can rely on to fight for your needs. While you recover from this terrible accident, I am here to demand justice and seek the financial compensation that you deserve. Whether you were injured in a car accident, while at work, or received a brain injury, the Strauch Law Firm is here for you. Contact me in San Antonio to get started.

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It is a long process to recover from an injury. Whether your injury occurred during a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or at an accident at work or on a construction site, you will likely have suffered more than the pain of your injury. The law allows you to ask the person or entity who is responsible for the condition that caused your injury to pay you for your losses. An experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and determine if there has been negligence by the person who caused your injury and whether they are financially liable to compensate you. I can help figure out where the liability lies in your personal injury claim in San Antonio. I also provide my services to the areas of San Marcos, New Braunfels, Pearsall, Pleasanton, and all of South Texas.

You do not have to face legal issues alone or without the help of an experienced attorney. Some people think they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. I believe you can’t afford not to hire an experienced attorney. Sometimes legal issues are complicated, and small mistakes can cause costly consequences. I am available to discuss your case in a free consultation, and I will be available to talk about your case after I’ve signed on to be your lawyer.