The People’s Law Dictionary defines a dismissal as “the act of voluntarily terminating a criminal prosecution or a lawsuit or one of its causes of action by one of the parties; a judge’s ruling that a lawsuit or criminal charge is terminated.” 

The Strauch Law Firm is committed to serving our clients, aiming for the best solution to their case whether that means seeking a dismissal for following through in trial. You’ll never feel like you’re just another number with Strauch representing you. We take time to sort through each case with a fine toothed comb, never missing a detail.

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  • State V Torres – DWI DismissalCC2
  • State V Mora – Assault DismissalCC12
  • State V Reta – Assault DismissalCC13
  • State V Rocha – Theft Dismissal, CC9
  • State V Sanchez – DWI DismissalCC4
  • State V Cortinas – Theft (x3) DismissalCC14
  • State V Medina – Felony Criminal Mischief Dismissal226th 
  • State V Ellis – Possession of Marijuana DismissalCC12
  • State V Torres – DWI DismissalCC8
  • State V Perez – Felony Assault Dismissal175th 
  • State V Keck – Possession of Marijuana DismissalCC5
  • State V Perez – Assault DismissalCC13
  • State V Patterson – Assault Dismissal, CC 13
  • State V Puente – Assault Dismissal, CC 13


  • State V Mosely – Possession of Controlled Substance DismissalCC12
  • State V Amos – Indecent Exposure DismissalCC6
  • State V Aguilar – Indecent Exposure DismissalCC6
  • State V Rhodes – DWI II DismissalCC11
  • State V Purvis – Theft DismissalCC4
  • State V Reile – Criminal Mischief DismissalCC4
  • State V Treadwell – DWI II DismissalCC12
  • State V Young – CC Abuse Dismissal226th
  • State V Mitchell – Assault DismissalCC13
  • State V Corner – Possession of Marijuana DismissalCC2


  • State V Casias – DWI Dismissal, CC5
  • State V Jordan – Criminal Trespassing Dismissal, CC5
  • State V Urteaga – DWI Dismissal, CC5
  • State V Cortes – Theft Dismissal, CC12
  • State V Linson – Assault Elderly Dismissal, 399th
  • State V Rodriguez – Theft Dismissal, CC9
  • State V Brandt – Furnishing Alcohol to Minor Dismissal, CC1
  • State V Pitts – Making Alcohol Available to Minor Dismissal, CC12
  • State V Marsh – Assault Dismissal, CC4
  • State V Munoz – Possession of Cont. Substance PG2 Dismissal, CC2


  • State V Manora – Forgery Dismissal187th 
  • State V Vasquez – DWI II DismissalCC5
  • State V Cuevas – Reckless Driving Dismissal, CC8
  • State V Washington – Evading Arrest DismissalCC2
  • State V Tellez – Terminated SatisfactoryCC14
  • State V Tellez – Motion to Reverse Probation SatisfactoryCC14
  • State V Rodriguez – Burglary w/o Intent to Commit Assault Dismissal, 399th